Project X

Year Six and a selection of Year Fives today are taking part in 'Project X'. They have to design an aircraft to drop two packages into enemy territory. The pictures show just the beginning. What will be created from this 'madness' ?


Bird or Plane?

The children were tasked with dropping an egg from height; using the skills learned in the session to keep it safe.

Riveting Stuff!!!

As part of our STEM week we had a workshop with Science in Action. The children had to rivet two pieces of metal together Nd the have them tested to destruction. It wasn't noisy at all!!!

The night sky

The children were given the picture of the night sky view from a window and asked to write what came to mind.  Katelyn wrote the following piece of very powerful writing. What do you think?  


This afternoon Year Six enjoyed an art session with a visitor. They looked at some abstract art, then working as a team, tried to recreate from memory.